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Can Bad Teeth Lead to Heart Disease?

When you hear the word, “heart,” in February, your mind likely goes first to Valentine’s Day. But February is also National Heart Month, and Hillcrest wants you to know about the heart and mouth connection. Did you know that heart disease and oral health are linked? There are two different connections between heart disease and your oral(more…)


2015 Goals for Your Mouth

It’s that time again, and everyone has likely started toward their goals and ambitions for the new year. According to the University of Scranton, Journal of Clinical Psychology, about 45% of Americans make New Year’s Resolutions every year. In 2014, the top ten resolutions included: Lose Weight Get Organized Spend Less, Save More Enjoy Life(more…)


10 Smile-Friendly Stocking Stuffers

A beautiful, bright and white smile is a gift you have to give yourself year-round. Why not start doing a better job thisChristmas? Here are the top 10 items you can buy for yourself (or others) for a smile-friendly stocking this Christmas. 1. Fruit If you are used to drinking coffee, black tea and on top(more…)


Turkey Day Tooth Tips

Thanksgiving is one of our favorite holidays at Hillcrest. It’s so nice getting together with our families and taking a day to remember all of those things that we are thankful for in the midst of all of life’s challenges. It’s a time to renew perspective on what’s really important in our lives – as well as(more…)

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