TMJ disorders are a group of conditions that are temporomandibular joint and muscle disorders. It affects around 10 million Americans, and occurs more commonly in women than men. It causes pain and clicking in the jaw joint and may affect its movement. It can be an acute, or short-term, condition, or for some it may be chronic, or long-term. We are experts in TMJ and are here to ease your pain.

Treatment options for the jaw pain and stiffness of TMJ are widely variable. You may practice self-care in doing jaw stretches, applying ice, or eating softer foods. Pain medications may be used to bring some temporary relief. We may prescribe stronger medications or muscle relaxants if need be or may use a stabilization splint, or a bite guard to help. Surgery and implants are also options. People that have many symptoms or who have TMJ that is interfering with their life should seek a dentist to help find treatment options right for them.

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